Food Safety and Recreational Licensing and Inspection

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Licensing Applications

Food Service Application

  • License Application - For restaurants, food retail establishments, and national school lunch and breakfast program.

Lodging and Public Pools

  • Application - Includes any hotel, motel, tourist rooming house, bed and breakfast establishments, campgrounds, recreational or educational camps, and public swimming pools.
  • Information and sanitation requirements - new and existing public pools in the North Shore.

Plan Review

Transient (Temporary) Retail Food

  • Temporary Food Guidelines
  • Food Safety Guidelines for Exempt Groups - An exempt group is an organization or person who, by their affiliation or type of food sales or service has an exemption from licensing and inspection from their local or state regulatory food authority. While these groups are exempt, it is important to provide food safety education to all persons handling food to protect public health by serving safe food.
  • Transient Retail Food License Application - Please mail your completed application and payment to North Shore Environmental Health Consortium, 4800 W Green Brook Dr. Brown Deer, WI 53223.

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About the North Shore Environmental Health Consortium

The North Shore Environmental Health Consortium (NSEHC) works to improve the overall quality and safety of consumer products and services in the North Shore. 

The North Shore Environmental Health Consortium protects public health by working with the food service industry and our community to prevent foodborne illness. In addition to educating food businesses and inspecting food establishments, the North Shore Environmental Health Consortium provides many other services, including investigation of complaints and illnesses associated with food establishments, plan review/pre-occupancy inspections of new or remodeled food establishments, and food safety consultations for establishments. Through the inspection of food establishments and education of the food service manager, we are able to promote public health in the areas of food safety and sanitation to prevent the spread of food-borne illness.

Our Environmental Health Specialists conduct periodic inspections of food establishments, public pools and hotels within the consortium limits. There are approximately 180 establishments requiring inspections in addition to mobile or temporary events that are inspected. These establishments include: restaurants, grocery stores, convenience stores, bakeries, schools, seasonal facilities, mobile units, mobile food bases, pools and hotels and temporary events. The areas focused upon during inspection are: health and disease control of food handlers, food source origination and wholesomeness, food-handling practices and proper temperature control, facility maintenance, hand-washing facilities, personal hygiene of employees and pest control. The North Shore Health Department is committed to maintaining the safety of the food bought, sold, or prepared for public consumption by carrying out science-based inspections of all retail food establishments, public pools and hotels.

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