Chronic Disease

Chronic diseases are illnesses that last three months or longer, are rarely cured and are often progressive. Common chronic diseases include heart disease, stroke, diabetes, hypertension, cancer, arthritis, and osteoporosis. For more information on chronic disease or a list of prevention and health promotion programs visit

The North Shore Health Department provides adult health cholesterol screenings and blood pressure checks. Contact us to make an appointment.


Blood Pressure 101: Know the Basics Quiz Link

Diabetes Management:

The North Shore Health Department has partnered with Dr. McFarland in diabetes screening and prevention. For additional tools in managing diabetes, Dr. McFarland has created an app for managing diabetes to download the app for non I-phones click here  or for I-phones click here  to download an app for your phone (free in the Google Play store only at this time). If you are unable to download the app, check out the Facebook page Whatz Diabetes at the following link