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Heat Advisory

As summer temperatures start to heat up make sure you are taking proper precautions to stay cool.
  • Slow down and limit physical activity outdoors.
  • Drink plenty of water and eat lightly
  • Wear lightweight, loose-fitting, light-colored clothing.
  • Never stop taking medication unless your doctor says you should.
  • Take a cool shower or bath to cool down.

North Shore Health Department Highlights July 28th, 2015

Did You Know?

Atwater, Klode, and Doctor’s Park beaches all have their water tested for E. coli at least twice a week.  The North Shore Health Department along with help from Shorewood’s DPW complete the tests and update the public.  According to the results the beach is determined to be either Open, Caution, or Closed. Signs are then posted at each beach updated on the Wisconsin Beach Health website.

Green- Beach is open and levels are below 235 CFU(colony-forming units)/100mL.

Yellow- Beach is at “Caution” and levels are between 235FU/100mL and 999CFU/100mL. Swimmers should take caution not to drink the water and rinse off after swimming.

Red- Beach is closed and levels exceed 1000CFU/100mL. 

As of today, July 28th, all beaches are open with green signs.

Health Tip

Playing at the beach, at a water park, by a lake, or in a pool can be a real treat on a hot day.  Swimming is a lot of fun, but drowning is a real danger. Drowning is the second most common cause of death from injuries among kids under the age of 14.  From the start, teach children to never go near or in water without an adult present, even in your own backyard. For more information on safe swimming, please refer to and take the Pool Safely Pledge.

During the summer months, many people take food on the road with them.  Whether it is a day trip to the beach, a few days on the boat, or a week in an RV or at a campground, make sure that the food you pack remains safe to eat.  For example, pack perishable foods directly from the refrigerator or freezer into the cooler.  Meat and poultry should be frozen.  A full cooler will maintain cold temperatures longer than a partially filled cooler.  Store the cooler in the shade and cover it with a light-colored blanket or tarp to reflect heat.  For other ways to handle food safely while on the road, please visit USDA website.

Last Week at the North Shore Health Department

Staff was re-certified in CPR by the American Heart Association. The certification is good for 2 years and includes training on CPR, AED’s, and abdominal thrusts for adults, children, and infants.

Health department leaders participated in a key informant interview as part of Milwaukee’s Community Health Needs Assessment. This assessment provides data for area hospitals’ Community Health Improvement Plans.  

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is hosting a 15-part webinar series on the Epidemiology and Prevention of Vaccine Preventable Diseases. Health department staff are participating in this series to hear updates on the latest science around immunizations and vaccine preventable diseases.

The health department sadly said goodbye to Public Health Nurse Kara S. We send her well wishes as she starts her new career as a Nurse Practitioner. We will be recruiting for a new staff member and will posting the position shortly. If you know of anyone interested in working at the North Shore Health Department, please have them contact us at 414-371-2980.

The North Shore Health Department has a proud and respected tradition of providing excellent health services to our North Shore communities.  With our knowledgeable staff,we are continuing our mission to improve our residents' health, prevent disease, and safeguard the environment through an organized, collaborative effort.

The North Shore Health Department works with a Board of Health, comprised of a licensed medical adviser and members appointed for a two-year term by village presidents or the mayor of each community.  Our staff consists of a health officer, an administrative assistant, a registered sanitarian, and registered nurses who are public health nurses.

The North Shore Health Department is one of the many benefits that make living in our communities very special.  Our services and programs are thoughtfully selected and carefully planned to make our communities safer and healthier, and to provide a better way of life for all residents. We offer a wide variety of programs for adults, seniors, children and infants.  Some services are free - others are available at affordable fees.  

Our new North Shore Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP) is now available for viewing.  Look and see how you can help yourself and your community become a healthier place to live, work and play.  Stop in at either the Brown Deer or Shorewood office of the Health Department and ask to see a copy.

The 2012 North Shore Community Health Survey Report prepared by JKV Research, LLC is available here.  This survey is done every five years.

2012 North Shore Community Health Survey Summary.pdf 

We encourage you to take advantage of the many ways we can help improve and promote healthy lifestyles for you and your family.

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 For information on Ebola:
WI DHS Ebola Updates or
WI residents can call toll free    1-844-684-1064 with questions regarding the Ebola virus. This line is free, confidential, multi-lingual, and is available 24/7, 7 days a week. 

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