COVID-19 Vaccine Information

Updated 1/20/2021

Vaccine Update 1/20/21: Click Here - We are continuing to vaccinate Phase 1A at this time. We are not currently making appointments for Phase 1B and do not have a waiting list. We will share information about Phase 1B via our email updates list. 


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North Shore Pharmacy COVID-19 Vaccine Information: Click Here  
North Shore Pharmacy is still vaccinating Phase 1A and will share information on their website when they move to Phase 1B. 
Please be patient, and please do not call for status updates, this website will be updated frequently and is your best source of information for our specific location. 

Meijer COVID-19 Vaccinations - Click Here

COVID-19 Vaccine: What You Need to Know - Wisconsin DHS

The State of Wisconsin does not currently have enough vaccine supply for everyone who wants to be vaccinated.  Until vaccine supply increases, the State is following vaccine prioritization guidelines from the federal Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) and the Wisconsin State Disaster Medical Advisory Committee (SDMAC). The State is currently in Phase 1A of the vaccine prioritization guidelines, which includes frontline health care providers and skilled nursing facility staff and residents. As vaccine supply increases, other health care personnel and long-term care facility residents and staff will be offered COVID-19 vaccination.

Have questions? The general public can email Wisconsin DHS with questions about the vaccine here:

COVID-19 Vaccine Connector Tool

The UEOC created the Milwaukee Area COVID-19 Connector Tool to identify and link “unaffiliated” Phase 1A Health Care Personnel (HCP) in Milwaukee County with participating vaccinator organizations (Vaccinators). 

You can register at the link above if you are a WI DHS approved vaccinator waiting to administer vaccines, Phase 1A organization or individual requesting vaccination, or not in Phase 1A but would like updates on vaccination efforts in Wisconsin and Milwaukee County.

Helpful Links:

When Vaccine is Limited, Who Gets Vaccinated First? - CDC Website - Updates on the COVID-19 vaccine in MKE County

Vaccine Safety Information Sheet

CDC COVID-19 Vaccine Information

Wisconsin COVID-19 Vaccine Data



1/15/21 NSHD Vaccine Update: Click Here

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COVID-19 Vaccine Connector Tool:

Registration is open for organizations and individuals seeking to deliver - and access - Phase 1A vaccinations. You should register at the above link if your organization is a certified COVID-19 vaccinator or you are a Phase 1A organization or individual looking to be vaccinated.

The North Shore Health Department is aligning with Wisconsin DHS prioritization guidelines and is not currently vaccinating the general public. As additional vaccine supply becomes available, we will provide updates.