COVID-19 Testing Information

The North Shore Health Department does not provide COVID-19 testing.

Receiving negative test results does not mean you do not have the disease.

If you were exposed within a few days of testing, receiving a negative result does not rule out disease. There is currently no treatment to be given even if you do test positive for COVID-19.

If you are experiencing mild symptoms, testing is not recommended. Assume you have disease, or another disease that is transmissible, and practice precautionary measures: self-quarantine and self-monitor for 14 days or until you are fever free for 72 hours. Visit the Wisconsin Department of Health Services (DHS) website for more guidance. 

Summary of current testing situation in Wisconsin:

  • Testing capacity for COVID-19 has increased, but the number of tests being requested far exceeds current testing capacity at the Wisconsin State Laboratory of Hygiene (WSLH) and the Milwaukee Health Department Laboratory (MHDL).
  • WSLH and MHDL are preserving their testing supplies for high priority patients.
  • Both WSLH and MHDL have the ability to report on priority results in 1-2 days after receipt of the specimen.
  • DHS is working on identifying alternate laboratories for lower priority samples to be sent.

Determining who should receive testing: 

  • Clinicians are deciding which patients should receive testing. You must call your primary care provider or other licensed health care professional to inquire about testing. 
  • Hospitalized patients are the priority for testing. 
  • Testing is not recommended for patients with mild, upper respiratory symptoms, except in limited circumstances, such as the presence of comorbidities or if they are healthcare workers. These patients should be encouraged to self-isolate in their home until their symptoms improve.
  • Asymptomatic patients should not be tested.

Wisconsin Department of Health Services Tiered Testing Protocol:

Tier 1 Patients are priority for testing

See the full memo from the Wisconsin Department of Health Services regarding testing and priority determination of patients: Click Here

Information for Health Care Providers: 

Milwaukee City Lab Instructions for COVID-19 Testing: Click Here

Wisconsin Department of Health Services Testing Procedures as of March 9th: Click Here

LabCorp: Testing available nationwide through LabCorp - Samples must be collected and test must be ordered by a physician or authorized healthcare provider and sent to LabCorp: Click Here

  • Statement on March 16th: LabCorp Rapidly Expanding Its COVID-19 Testing Capacity, Expects Ability to Perform 10,000 Tests Per Day by the End of the Week and 20,000 Tests Per Day by the End of March: Click Here

If you tested positive for COVID-19, follow these recommendations from the CDC: Click Here