About Community Health Assessments (CHA)

A community health assessment (CHA) is an important tool in determining how healthy a community is currently and what issues need to be addressed to optimize health for all. The CHA is both a process and a document that uses quantitative and qualitative methods to systematically collect and analyze data to understand the health of a specific community. CHAs review data on health-related risk factors, quality of life, morbidity (impact of living with illness), and mortality (cause of death), along with information on community assets and social and economic factors that influence health and quality of life. CHA data and information is used broadly for community decision-making, prioritization of health problems, and the development, implementation, and evaluation of community health improvement plans. 

The 2017-2021 North Shore CHA has three components to thoroughly assess health and quality of life in the North Shore. In addition, a summary document has been created to highlight information from all three components. Click on the links below to read each component.



NSCHA-Summary of Findings

Read the full reports at:

NSCHA-Data Assessment


NSCHA-Stakeholder Assessment


NSCHA-Priority Assessment



In the coming months, we will be hosting several Community Conversations around the North Shore. We invite residents and others who work in and visit the North Shore to participate in one of the Community Conversations to review the findings of the Assessments, and to help decide the health areas to focus on in our upcoming Community Health Improvement Plan. 

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