About Community Health Assessments (CHA)

A Community Health Assessment (CHA) plays a crucial role in improving the overall well-being and quality of life of its residents. This assessment provides an in-depth understanding of the health status, needs, and priorities of the community, which allows for the development of equitable interventions and programs. By collecting and analyzing data on various indicators, such as health outcomes, social and economic environmental factors, and health behaviors; the CHA helps identify areas of high importance to residents and potentail disparities within the community. Additionally, the use of both qualitative and quantitative data enables us as a Local Health Department to make informed decisions and allocate resources, which effectively allows us to foster evidence-based, equitable interventions and other health promotion strategies. Ultimately, a comprehensive CHA empowers stakeholders to address health inequities, enhance healthcare delivery, and promote the well-being of all individuals in the local population.

We have officially completed our 2022-2026 North Shore CHA. The following document was created to display the results and inform stakeholders and community members of next steps. We greatly appreciate all the survey repsonses and key informants who participated in interviews - Your input is what made this entire proccess possible and for that we are exceptionally grateful. THANK YOU!!!

Read the full document here:


 NSHD CHA 2022-2026


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